About Us

Escutcheon Brewing Co. was built from the ground up with a few key goals in mind: make great beer right here in our community, support that community and have fun while doing it!  We produce classic, true-to-style craft beers right here in the north end of Winchester.

We make the beer here.  We can and package the beer here.  We serve the beer here.  We welcome our community to join us and share the labors of our love every chance we get: festivals, fundraisers, celebrations, good Ol’ Day Drinking, ping pong, swanky Soirees. Any opportunity to share a pint, really.  The Escutcheon family has become just that; we don’t just work together, we are like family.  Somewhat dysfunctional sure, but for the most part, we actually like each other!

We are proud of our beers, and we are proud of our community.  We have a lot of fun taking our beers very seriously, and we think it shows.