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Tap Room Hours

Escutcheon Brewing Co.

We know everyone is itching to drink some beer so we will be providing limited indoor/outdoor seating! We have devised a plan that will help to keep everyone as safe as possible and provide different options according to your comfort level.

Here are the details:

1) We will have one area for take-out only and one for indoor/outdoor seating purchases. The taproom will be divided and clearly marked.

We’ve had a lot of good feedback and wanted to be sure that those of you that didn’t want to deal with a potentially more populated area could still get your beer to-go comfortably. Curbside service will still be available-if you’re coming to enjoy outdoor seating, please park in the gravel lot next door, as the limited parking will be labeled for curbside pick-up/take home only patrons.

2) We will be very adamant about social distancing. If it becomes a problem we will shut things down faster than you can say “Plimsoll, please”.

3) We have a full sanitation plan in place. Tables and chairs will be wiped down after each use and probably quite a bit more frequently. The taproom is constantly being sanitized and we will do a full
sanitization every evening.

4) We will be serving in disposable cups. We ask you to please put your empty cups in the receptaclesprovided. Every pour will be in a fresh clean cup. Not an ideal situation when it comes to the environment, but we feel the benefits outweigh the cost.

5) The Escutcheon team will be wearing masks and gloves for your
safety. We do REQUEST that customers wear face masks while inside ordering. We are a judgement free zone when it comes to this issue.

However, there will be ZERO tolerance for anyone who belittles, castigates, bullies, ridicules or is generally dickish to our customers, friends, families or employees-FOR ANY REASON. You will be asked to
leave immediately. Don’t be that guy.

6) We don’t want to put a time limit on sitting at a table. However, if we have guests waiting we request you be respectful and give everyone a chance to enjoy the day.

7) Bringing some friends? Awesome, but let’s keep the group to 6 or under.

8) Did we mention social distancing? There will be clearly defined lines for ordering cues. Follow the rules please. And BE PATIENT. You may have to wait. It will be worth it, but be understanding.

9) The taproom will have two powerful HEPA air filters running for added safety.

10) There is no rule 10. It just seemed weird to stop at 9.

We have put a lot of thought into the best way to provide a safe environment for our friends and fellow beer lovers. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience that is comfortable, welcoming and
accommodating to everyone’s needs. We have missed you!