Kerlogue Red Ale
Kerlogue Red Ale
Kerlogue Red Ale

Kerlogue Red Ale

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Willamette hops and Pilsner, Melinoiden and C-60 malts comprise this traditional Red Ale that bears the name of the WWII era Irish ship, the MV Kerlogue. A a bit sweet with a toasty malt character and just lightly hopped, our red ale is well rounded with a slightly dry finish.

The MV Kerlogue has become the exemplar of neutral Irish ships during World War II. She was very small. She was attacked by both sides and rescued people from both sides. She was almost sunk by a German mine and was strafed by the Royal Air Force, being left for dead. She rescued the Wild Rose of Liverpool and the survivors of the German destroyer Z27 and its escort, the survivors of which, in the latter case, were brought back to Ireland and interned until the end of hostilities.

 Every beer off of tap will come in a new glass growler. We will not accept any growlers from home. 

ABV: 6.0%