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Slip Angle New England IPA

When grain is transported in bulk onboard a ship, an important consideration is the “slip angle” of the grain. The slip angle of grain is around 20 degrees, which means that is the ship rolls more than 20 degrees, the grain will shift which will cause the ship to develop a large list to one side. Any additional rolling will cause the grain to shift even further which could cause the vessel to capsize.

Our Slip Angle IPA is a New England style IPA which definitely “lists” heavily to the hoppy side. Purposefully hazy and juicy, this beer is definitely unbalanced and we hope you enjoy the dry hopped flavor.

ABV: 7.0%
Hops: Warrior, Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, Hull Mellon
Malts: Two Row Malted Barley, Un-malted Wheat