Cofferdam Brut IPA

Brut IPA has its roots in California as a response to the growing popularity of New England style IPAs.  This beer is an exceedingly pale, dry and hop-focused IPA.  For our take we used Rahr Premium Pilsner malt, experimental hop #60679 from Hop Steiner, German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops and a hearty high gravity brewer’s yeast.   With a very low finishing gravity this beer is dry on the palate with a cornucopia of hop flavors and aromas ranging from tropical fruits to tangerine, with a nice light spicy note from the noble hop. In the maritime world a cofferdam is a dry, empty space that separates adjoining spaces to prevent liquid from leaking and keeping the other space dry.

ABV: 8%
Hops: Experimental Hop #60679 from Hop Steiner, German Hallertau Mittelfruh
Malts: Rahr Premium Pilsner Malt